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Welcome To Ward's Copper Shop -

As some of you may know Tom passed away May 1, 2017. He was my husband, partner, best friend and the heart of Ward's Copper Shop. I miss him very much.

Please know that Tom's wish was that you would remember him for his copper work and cherish the items you have. Maybe pass them on to your children.

I do not have product to sell online. However, I will be at the Midwest Primitive Rendezvous at Grand Valley Cap n Ballers Muzzle Loading Gun Club at 3576 26th Street, Hopkins, MI 49328

I will have a few remaining pieces for sale. You can find me at Sparrow Hawks camp. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Thank you for your friendship.

LogoWard’s Copper Shop uses only the finest quality solid copper to create unique custom items. Products are made by hand using manual forming tools handed down from Tom's father. The tools date back to the early to mid 1900s. We specialize in reproductions from the 18th and 19th century. Every piece is cut by hand, formed and soldered making every one unique. Solid copper rivets are used to secure brackets and handles. We create custom items to your specifications. We attend various historic reinactments in the Midwest and have met many very nice people who share our enthusiasm for history.

Products and Prices

  • Reflector Oven/Back view - is used to roast meat or bake biscuts and deserts. $450
  • Reflector Oven/Front view
  • Trekkers Lantern - can be folded flat and carried in a pocket or pouch. $35
  • Wash Pans - three sizes are offered (Small - $55, Medium - $65, Large - $75). Handles can be added for additional $10.
  • Small Reflector Oven - Smaller than large oven. Also; has spit, shelf and drip pan - $350
  • Coffee Pots - Small (48 oz.) $45, Medium (1/2 gal.) - $60, Large (1 gal.) - $80
  • Tent Heater - $100
  • Candle Lantern - $$40
  • Lantern (5" x 8" tall) - $90
  • Corn Boiler - $45
  • Cup, 12 oz. - $20
  • Plates - 7" - $18; 8" - $20; 9" - $22
  • 5 Gallon Cistern - $170

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